In an increasingly divided America, where might unity be found? It certainly is not to be found in politics. Neither is unity found in the immigration battle. Then, of course, there are legion other de-unifying issues: economic, racial, and gender equity; reform of the judicial and corrections systems; abortion rights; death penalty; gender identify;…  With so many factions clamoring for power and control in order to have their way, and spending obscene amounts of money to win control, the appearance is much like the ultra-competitive American sports scene: win at all costs.

Perhaps, if the slung mud were to be washed off, we could all see real humanity and moral sensibilities of those on both sides of issues. But then, that would not be much of a sport; would it?

It seems to me that unless America unifies around our common future that our house (country), now so deeply divided against itself, will surely fall.

In unity, seek the common-good (shalom) among and for all people.  How might one go about this? Follow the link for more information: Communities of Shalom.