1. Healthy relationships are central to all successful community development (building)

2. Present in each and every community, organization, individual, and institution, are relationships, resources and capacities that can, together, yield self-transformation

3. Never do for others what they can do for themselves

4. Charity ministries (service to or for others) are sometimes necessary for short-term stabilization of people & circumstances

5. Justice ministries (service with others) yields long-term, transformative results

6. Power (economic, social, physical, political, and spiritual) must be shared for community well-being

7. Linking shalom-makers and their collective assets creates opportunities for exciting and creative successes

8. Mapping assets, much like spiritual gifts profiles, helps communities and congregations determine how they are uniquely gifted and may participate in God’s shalom

9. Small groups of committed individuals can change their communities and the world

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