Asset Based Community Developer Ben Wheeler works through affordable housing developer DASH LaGrange and with the coaching support of Communities First Association to connect community and harvest hope in the Hillside Neighborhood of LaGrange, Georgia.

DASH has a long track record of partnering in the development and operation of affordable housing in LaGrange. However, facing ongoing financial challenges posed by the Great Recession and seeking a sustainable model of development, DASH is taking a new approach. It invests not just in what it has done so well for so long: successfully developing housing. It is now focusing on the development of neighborhoods in which housing is an essential component. Through place-based, asset-focused, relationship-building, community-led, and collaborative investments among a broadening base of community partners, DASH is uncovering previously unrecognized networks of capacity and hope, and together weaving a strong and enduring fabric.


Ben Wheeler and his family live, shop, dine, earn, learn and recreate in the Hillside Neighborhood (Hillside Revitalization Area) and describe it as “four neighborhoods in one”. In this space that holds three hundred fifty families reside affluence and poverty; small business and industry; faith communities and civic associations; single family and multi-family housing. Ben and his family know well the assets and challenges that reside in the community.

A walking tour of the neighborhood reveals much. The quietness of the neighborhood is interrupted only by the occasional train horn as freight moves steadily through the community. A smiling old man sits in his front yard holding his puppy. A group of children play basketball in the roadway using a single net. A public school teacher speaks of an at-risk youth that he has taken under his wing. A community garden waits for the coming spring. And, a couple moved by the challenges faced by low-income immigrants are co-creating affordable housing. Here are a long-closed Laundromat, a thriving Big Sams Barbeque, housing, the Troup County Health Department and several churches.


On a beautiful fall afternoon, a community pot-luck is held in a space owned by DASH. Here among the people of the community, new resources emerge as people gather and share their gifts. Dean the photographer and small engine mechanic delivers up home-made bread and vegan soup. Deborah shares her love of reading to children and helping to build their self-esteem. Mike is organizing resources to build a neighborhood Montessori school. Jane discovers that she is not the only one in the neighborhood with a Coyfish pond. A youth shares her drawings and her passionate love thereof. Ben Wheeler shares his love of connecting people for the common good.

There is much to learn from and grow among the delightful people and the gifts that reside in Hillside Neighborhood of LaGrange, Georgia. Thanks to DASH LaGrange, Ben Wheeler, and Communities First Association for applying Asset Based Community Development practices to connect community and harvest hope.


David (Dave) Cooper is an Asset Based Community Development practitioner, entrepreneur, catalyst, connector, coach, educator, advocate, consultant and planner. He works nationally and internationally through Shalom Makers to advance and support equitable, sustainable and collaborative community development. Dave may be reached at: or my phone: 804.614.6254